Call us for safe and complete removal of Honeybee, Wasp, Hornet, and Yellow Jackets. Although, there are

other types of bees found in the greater Hudson Valley area, these are the ones most commonly called about.


If you have concerns with another type of bee not listed, please call.

Please call us for bee removal. A National Academies report found bees and other important pollinators are

being lost to development and disease.


Honey bees are orange and black in color and has a dense coat of feathery hairs on the head and thorax.

Honeybees build their nest very fast and can become extremely large (15,000+ workers). Within three weeks

it is possible for the nest to be the size of a five gallon bucket, and the honey production can ruin your home

and attract other unwanted guests. If this insect creates a nest or hive inside your home or office it MUST be removed, then the area should be cleaned and deodorized.




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