Are Bees Around Your Home Becoming A Problem? We'll Tell You When You Should be Concerned!

The interaction between plants and animals is often necessary to support an agricultural system. Among the many species contributing to the health of our environmental system, includes winged pollinator insects, also known as BEES! While bees are a necessary part of our ecosystem and can benefit the environment in many ways, it does not mean that you want them too close to you, your home, and your family. Seeing a few bees in the greater Hudson Valley area is normal, however if you continuously see bees around your home and property there is most likely a nest or hive nearby. This is not just inconvenient it can also be dangerous to let a beehive or nest thrive near or even inside your home.

Got Raccoons? Learn The Dangers of Having Raccoons in and Around Your Home Before it's Too Late!

If you have any suspicion that raccoons are in or around your home, taking steps to get rid of them should be your first priority as they pose a number of risks to you, your home, and your family. Risk #1: Raccoons can damage your property. Raccoons will not stop at simply digging through your trash; they have also been known to dig up gardens and yards in search of bugs and food. Raccoons will destroy soffits, tear off shingles, remove siding and chimney caps, and take off mushroom vent caps just to gain access into your home. Once raccoons have entered your home their urine and feces can cause additional and extensive damage. Risk #2: Raccoons can carry several dangerous diseases. Property

Have Bats Invaded Your Home? Learn to Detect the Signs of an Infestation

Have you ever seen what you may have thought was a fast, flying bird around dusk? Well, you probably saw a bat having his dinner! Bats are amazing, and often misunderstood animals. They are the only mammal that can truly fly, as oppose to glide, and if you have witnessed these little acrobats flying around after dark, you may not have known that they were chowing down on a buffet of flying insects! Bats spend their nights chasing and consuming 20 - 50% of their body weight in insects every night! New York is home to nine different bat species. Three bat species in NY are tree bats and the other six species are cave bats. Baby bats, or pups, are born in the summer months of June and July. As

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