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How To Prevent Squirrel Damage

December 15, 2022  by  Bob-Tri-County Animal Control and Removal

Frolicking about in the wild, squirrels can be adorable and entertaining. However, despite their cuddly appearance, these animals become less endearing when they unleash chaos in homes, destroy gardens and yards, gorge on plants indiscriminately or drive away desirable birds with their naughty acts.

Although squirrels may not seem like a danger, they are capable destroying property. A few simple strategies can be employed to prevent pesky squirrels from wreaking havoc, but they will require a consistent effort to yield the desired results. Discover the devastation squirrels can cause in your abode and strategies to make them a distant memory.

Population and Type of Squirrels in NY

If you've ever been perplexed by the sheer number of squirrels in Central Park, New York City - wonder no more! A whopping 2,373 furry critters are residing within its confines. Jamie Allen and a vast contingent of volunteers have embarked on an ambitious mission to count and study the squirrels in Central Park's 843-acre boundary, resulting in this groundbreaking census of New York City's iconic park.

Common Squirrels in Westchester and New York Regions 


In the state, you may find these burly, stocky ground squirrels with grizzled brown fur all over the place. This squirrel's tail is exceptionally diminutive and has a slightly deeper shade than its body, making it eye-catching among other species. The groundhog is a fascinating animal with big, dark eyes and petite ears. These creatures can reach impressive lengths of up to 25 inches and weigh an average of 8 pounds.

Eastern Chipmunk

Among these small critters, the squirrel is the most straightforward to recognize - aside from a groundhog. The fur of chipmunks

is a radiant, reddish-brown hue with five remarkable stripes adorning their backs.

Chipmunks stand out with their unique color pattern - a lighter-toned underbelly contrasted by the dark, furry coats on their backs. They also have tails that are slightly flatter compared to other squirrel varieties. In addition, these creatures have conspicuous cheek pouches that become quite prominent when full.

Fox, Red & Grey Squirrels

The well-known squirrel with its bushy tail, that is about half the size of its body. The Eastern Fox squirrel is the largest and the Red Squirrel the smallest. The Eastern Grey squirrel has a cream colored undercoat, with grey outside, but it can also be found as a black squirrel.

Flying Squirrels

Flying squirrels do not really fly, but they glide with a wing-like membrane that goes from their front paws to their ankles and helps them “fly” from tree to tree. These squirrels are nocturnal and are smaller then the tree squirrels you can see during the day. At night these creatures can hide in attics and make mouse-like noises.

What Kind Of Damage Can Squirrels Cause?

Chewing electrical/power cables

Those razor-sharp teeth assist squirrels in gathering their much-needed resources, such as crunching nuts and gnawing on wood. Conversely, they also use their teeth to break through hard objects like electrical cables. Despite the obvious risks, squirrels never cease their affinity for nibbling on any electrical component.

You could suddenly find yourself in a precarious situation with exposed electrical wiring and broken cables. Additionally, they often construct their dwellings on electrical wiring, particularly at intersections. This typically leads to dire consequences for the power line. In certain scenarios, they may even create nests on the limbs of trees that are too close to electrical lines.

Despite their small size, squirrels build nests and move around branches that cause them to press against power lines. This can result in dangerous consequences if left unchecked. Acting swiftly on such matters is the best course of action.

Digging holes near your home and properties

Squirrels take immense joy in digging and discovering various things beneath the surface. Squirrels are renowned for burying food, which ultimately helps trees take root and grow. Believe it or not, squirrels can even go as far as to dig faux food caches to fool other animals into thinking there's a meal inside.

Unfortunately, this sort of digging can cause damage to your home and other properties. To start, it can create unappealing holes in your lawn that are detrimental to grass and vegetation growth.

Additionally, these rodents can start scraping near your home, terrace, balcony, or any other property. Although this may not be a significant issue, it can still lead to deterioration. Furthermore, they could even locate underground wiring.

Do Squirrels Pose a Risk to Humans or Pets?

Contrary to what many people think, the chances of squirrels transmitting rabies are almost non-existent. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) confirms that small rodents, including squirrels, have never been known to transmit rabies to humans.

Furthermore, squirrels generally do not harm other animals that humans interact with. However, they are notorious for raiding bird feeders and scaring away the feathered friends while gorging themselves on the food and destroying the containers in which it is kept.

To sustain itself, a squirrel may be forced to take desperate action, such as diligently carving away at the bird feeder until it is wide enough for access. Furthermore, they might even nibble on the perches delicately placed in the birdfeeder.

How to Prevent Squirrel Damage


Impede all access points

It is necessary to cut down any possible entryways. You can effectively make entryways inaccessible by strategically utilizing wire mesh, caulk, or any similar barrier material. Keep a close eye on your home during the colder months, as squirrels may seek refuge from frigid temperatures.

Eliminate any potential temptations that could draw them to your residence

Suppose you're someone who loves to birdwatch. You know that a great way to observe your favorite feathered chums is by setting up feeders in the garden. However, these can also be an invitation for squirrels – to come over for second helpings. Thus, to safeguard your home and other properties, it is optimal to position bird feeders as far away from the house as feasible.

Keep all food items and sources of attraction firmly in place

If a squirrel unexpectedly stops by your abode, it could be out of desperation due to the absence of food sources in its natural habitat. However, if you keep edibles such as pet food in your garage or basement, before long, your house may transform into a squirrel's smorgasbord.

To keep your food safe, it is essential to store them in durable containers made of hard plastic or glass; otherwise, they are susceptible to being eaten through paper and cardboard packages.

How to get Squirrels Out of Your Home, Attic & Chimney

To protect against recurrent squirrel damage to the house, here are some temporary strategies to frighten them away until all entry points have been identified and blocked. A multifaceted strategy is highly recommended to maximize your chances of successfully expelling the squirrels from your home.

Keep squirrels away from your loft

To guarantee the utmost security, ensure trees and large shrubs are positioned at least 5-8 feet away from all buildings or property. According to acclaimed research, squirrels can only jump a predetermined distance; in other words, access is blocked if they cannot jump onto the roof.

Trapping squirrels

Live trapping can be a great way to remove squirrels from your property, as long as you are confident in the exact quantity of rodents. If not, this route may prove counterproductive. Sadly, if the squirrels have gray fur, they must be removed humanely, as their presence is considered disruptive.

Sound and illumination techniques

Illuminating your living space with a bright LED light and tuning the radio to an audible station can effectively scare squirrels away from your residence.

Get Help with Your Squirrel Control Needs in Westchester, Putnam County or Dutchess Today!

Contrastingly, eliminating squirrel infestations is noticeably easier than handling other rodent-like creatures. Although they may create some havoc if left to do as they please, these wily squirrels are on an important quest and will likely seek out more prosperous fields elsewhere.

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