Are Bees Around Your Home Becoming A Problem? We'll Tell You When You Should be Concerned!

The interaction between plants and animals is often necessary to support an agricultural system. Among the many species contributing to the health of our environmental system, includes winged pollinator insects, also known as BEES! While bees are a necessary part of our ecosystem and can benefit the environment in many ways, it does not mean that you want them too close to you, your home, and your family.

Seeing a few bees in the greater Hudson Valley area is normal, however if you continuously see bees around your home and property there is most likely a nest or hive nearby. This is not just inconvenient it can also be dangerous to let a beehive or nest thrive near or even inside your home. Bee nests and hives often grow very quickly, increasing the chance of being stung, or even attacked by a swarm.

There are different elimination processes for wasps and bees, so it is important to properly identify the particular species living near or in your house or property. Since effective, safe and complete removal relies on:

a) Proper identification

b) Knowledge of effective application strategies, and

c) Knowing risks and limitations associated with each bee species and method of removal, the

d) Best solution for bee removal is to call a professional service.

The only way to completely rid your home of bees is the entire removal of the hive or nest. Tri-County Wildlife can easily and effectively destroy nests and hives, and remove Honeybees, Wasps, Hornets, and Yellow Jackets that are around your home.

Additionally, the National Academies report found bees and other important pollinators are being lost to development and disease, making proper removal of bees from your property that much more important to leave to the professionals.

For the safety of you, your family, your home and the bees themselves leave the risks and dangers associated with bee removal to the Tri-County Wildlife Professionals!

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