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When a Snake Becomes a Nuisance

Snakes can become a nuisance in many different ways, due to the general fear most people have towards snakes. People are most likely to encounter snakes if their property provides good snake habitat. Like all animals, snakes are looking for a good place to hunt and live.

The only damage a snake can cause, besides poisonous bites, is just the general phobia most people have towards them. New York is home to 17 different types of snakes.

If you have a snake problem on your property, contact Tri-County Wildlife Control today and get started with a free estimate.

Professional Snake Removal and Prevention in Westchester & Putnam County

Snakes inside homes and offices can create an intense fear for some people. These snakes should not be harmed, and they might be there because of an unknown rodent problem. Homes with snakes present should be checked for the presents of rodents.

Once snakes are removed, entry points should be located by wildlife control and sealed, as not to allow snakes and rodents to enter the building. A rat or mouse problem (if present) must also be addressed. It is recommended that non-venomous snakes outside, should be left alone. Venomous snakes can be removed and snake pleasing habitats can be modified, which will make your property less attractive to snakes.

Examples: removal of wood and rock piles, ivy, reduce food (typically rodents) sources. In addition, a specially designed repellant can be applied that helps keep snakes out of the area.

Do not provoke or attempt to handle any snake you cannot properly identify – it may be venomous. If you are bitten by any snake, immediately seek medical attention at a hospital.

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