Woodchuck Control and Removal Services

Nuisance Concerns
Woodchuck RemovalWoodchucks are a common farm and garden pest. Woodchucks are fairly large animals and are related to the squirrel family. They will eat quite a variety of foods such as lettuce, spinach, green beans, peas, squash, zucchini and cucumbers. They are known to eat berries as well. Woodchucks will commonly nest underground beneath homes or shed. Often their work can be seen on golf courses, the mounds of earth with several holes leading to a series of underground tunnels. Woodchucks are daylight creatures and not out at night as often. They are usually seen in the morning and evening hours when the light is lower and they feel safer.

Woodchuck Damage
Woodchucks can cause extensive damage to vegetable and flower gardens. A single woodchuck can reduce a garden to stubs in just a few days. Woodchucks also create vast burrows. This burrowing can cause small sheds, pools, or outbuildings to collapse.

Woodchuck Removal and Prevention
Woodchucks are common in New York state. In the wild, woodchucks prefer meadows, hedgerows, and hay fields. In urban and suburban areas woodchucks will den under barns, porches, sheds, and decks. To keep Woodchucks from your yard is difficult. They like to eat the vegetation we plant in our yards and gardens. Often the only realistic defense is to trap and relocate them. 

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